Application and Requirements

Application Process

Funding will be granted based on a formal funding agreement following a submitted project proposals and budget (see the link to the application forms on this page ). Applicants who receive funding will be required to submit a financial report.

Applications need to be submitted by 25 January, mindight to: gene-award(at)

For discerning which of the three schemes to submit to, consult: Funding Scheme
For learning more about the GENE's Key Issues of Policy Research 2020/2021, consult "Background of GENE"

Evaluation Process

It is proposed that evaluation of the projects will be undertaken by a panel including representatives from GENE and EERA. Evaluation will focus on:

  • Contribution of research to global education
  • Quality and impact of outputs
  • Sustainability of project outputs
  • Value for money

Applicants will be informed of the outcomes during February 2021.


As part of the funding requirements, all successful projects will be required to take part in a structured dissemination process. 

EERA/ GENE seminar

EERA will organise a half day, online dissemination event to be scheduled in Spring 2022 and all successful project teams will be required to present at this event.

EERA blog

All funded projects will be required to write a post for the EERA blog.

EERA website

Each of the projects will be highlighted on the EERA website and social media channels.


There will be a formal recognition of GENE at ECER 2021 and 2022 and the awards will be included in our conference publications.

There will also be a number of events to further mark the contribution of GENE at ECER 2022.

This will include:

  • Formal ceremony to mark the award
  • A dedicated ‘EERA Session’ devoted to award recipients (this is a 90 minute slots in the conference timetable)



Application Deadline

Submissions deadline: 25 January 2021, midnight
Submit to: gene-award(at)

Download application form


For further questions, please contact gene-award(at)

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