Best Poster 2011

Student from the University of Bielefeld Wins Best Poster Award

Competition for the Best Poster at this year's Emerging Researchers' Conference was once again tough. The standard of posters was exceptionally high,  but in the end the convenors decided to give the accolade to Erika Bozzato who will be invited to attend ECER 2012 in Cadiz. 

Erika Bozzatto: "Critical Discourse Analysis and Capability Approach in Education: The Case of Kosovo"

Erika Bozzato is a student at Bielefeld University in Germany.

Her poster investigates which discourses relating to formal school-based education gained hegemonic status in Kosovo from 1999 to 2008 and how and where they have emerged and developed. Further to this, the poster examines how and where these discourses have been recontextualised and how power relations became apparent in such a context. The study draws upon different theoretical standpoints, namely works by Fairclough and Wodak on one hand and Sen and Nussbaum’s Capabilities Approach on the other, and is based on data from written documents and interviews.

Please click here to view Erika Bozzato's winning poster:

Erika Bozzator: "Critical Discourse Analysis and Capability Approach in Education: The Case of Kosovo"


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