How to Submit to ECER and ERC 2019

Submission deadline was 31 January 2019

  • All proposals for ECER & ERC must be submitted using the online submission system. Accounts from previous years are usually no longer available, so please create a new user account. Afterwards you can access the submission form which will allow you to enter your proposal. 
  • You will be technically unable to submit your proposal if information is missing. So please collect all necessary information before submitting your proposals. It is also important to stay within the limits of word-counts indicated in the examples as otherwise the submission system will not process your submission.
  • All submissions need to be directed towards an EERA network. Learn more about networks and their scope here. If you want to present at ERC, please select the Emerging Researchers' Group as network.
  • We recommend you first consult the information on the ECER Formats of Presentations and Presentation Formats @ ERC as well as the example submission forms at the same pages. Then please prepare your abstract according to the pre-conditions in a text programme such as Word and then copy and paste it into the Conftool submission form.
  • ECER conference language is English. All proposals need to be submitted and presented in English, and only proposals handed in in English will be considered.
  • Once provided with a username and password you can re-enter the website at any time prior to the submission deadline in order to change or update your data and proposal.
  • Please remember to keep your username and password safe - you will need them again to register for the conference.

Access Conftool Submission System

Submission Deadline was 31 January 2019

Limitations Regarding Number of Submissions and Presentations per Person

Due to the high number of participants and presentations at ECER, there are restrictions on the number of submissions and number of presentations per person.

What does this mean exactly?

Number of submissions per person

  • The registration system will allow up to a maximum of two submissions per person.
  • Each person can, however, be listed as author/co-author/ on other people’s submissions. There is no limit on this.

Number of presentations per person

  • We can only ensure two presentations with no time clash per person within ECER’s 14 paper session slots.
    • Our registration system will check for time clashes for presenting authors only.
    • The limit of two presentations applies to all submissions (including the participation in a symposium or panel discussion).
    • If you are listed as presenting author/presenting co-author for more than two presentations in total, we may have to withdraw you as presenter from one or more presentations.


Check our FAQs.

If you couldn't find the answer please contact the EERA Office.

In addition to the general call, some networks would like to encourage discussion on specific thematic topics and have therefore issued a special call for ECER 2019. However, they will remain open for all other submissions within their area.
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