FAQs Regarding Canceled ECER

Is ECER 2020 postponed or canceled?

Due to COVID-19, this year’s conference had to be canceled. ECER 2021 will be held in Geneva and will cover a different theme. Submissions to ECER 2020 which were accepted are therefore not automatically accepted for ECER 2021. Submissions to ECER 2020 will not be transferred to ECER 2021. Submission to ECER 2021 will begin 1.12.2020.

Can I resubmit the paper I submitted to ECER 2020 to ECER 2021?

All submissions for ECER 2021 will undergo the usual peer reviewing process. So, while you are free to submit your work again, you should take into account reviewers’ comments and the general development in your area of research and therefore hand in a reworked and updated version.

Can I cite my accepted paper?

The American Psychological Association has developed a citing guideline for citing cancelled papers or papers accepted in cancelled conferences. Please take a look for guidance on how to include your presentation in your C.V.


Will there be conference proceedings or any other form of publication for the cancelled ECER 2020?

ECER does not publish conference proceedings or a book of abstracts. Conference abstracts would usually be published in the online programme database. With the conference canceled, the 2020 abstracts cannot go online in the usual form.

You are invited to consider a submission to the European Educational Research Journal - EERJ, EERA’s journal. eera-ecer.de/publications/eerj-eeras-journal/

Also, some networks are connected with journals and may develop ideas for publications. They will usually make this public via their mailing-lists.

Will I receive any confirmation that my submission to ECER 2020 was accepted?

Yes. You can access the letter confirming that your submission was accepted to ECER 2020 via your ECER 2020 Conftool account.

ECER 2020 had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Should you have booked accommodation already, please see the information here.
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