ERC Keynote Speaker Andreas Gegenfurtner

Andreas Gegenfurtner is professor on methods in learning research at the University of Augsburg, Germany. His primary research interests are digital learning, motivation and emotion, and professional development. In his recent work, he studied the visual expertise of teachers and physicians using eye tracking and the effectiveness of technology-mediated learning environments in higher education and professional training using qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method analyses. He serves as editor for the journal Frontline Learning Research and as associate editor for Human Resource Development Quarterly.

Expertise and Professional Learning: Connecting Quantitative and Qualitative Perspectives

Expertise in a professional domain is associated with reproducibly superior performance in workplace tasks. For several decades, research on expertise has aimed to understand the processes underlying expert performance, using a range of different methodological approaches including, but not limited to, neurosciences, eye tracking, verbal analysis, and ethnographies. This keynote presentation will discuss if and how different methodologies can be connected to afford a more comprehensive understanding of expertise and professional learning. A particular focus will be on the expertise development of teachers in schools, athletes in sports, and clinicians in medicine, and how the findings derived from diverse methodologies can inspire the education and training of novices.

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