School of Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Senior Faculty Positions in Seven Education-related Fields

Location: Shanghai, China
Application Opening Date: September 14, 2021

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is a top research university in China. Established on April 8, 1896, it is one of China's oldest universities. In recent years, SJTU consistently features in the world's top 100 universities as ranked by the Academic Ranking of World Universities, the QS World University Rankings, and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Established in 2020, the School of Education (SOE) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is a young academic institution with a long history. Tracing back to 1897, Nanyang College started the first teacher education program in China. SOE originated from a program of higher education in 1985 and in 2007, the Graduate School of Education was established. In 2020,the School of Education was founded, shifting its research and study focuses from purely higher education to both secondary and post-secondary education.

The quickly growing School of Education has successfully recruited some faculty members from North America and Europe in the following research fields since 2020:

  1. Education Theory
  2. Curriculum and Instruction
  3. School Psychology and Counseling
  4. Education Policy and Practice
  5. Educational Management and Leadership
  6. Educational Big Data and Evaluation
  7. Future Education (with a focus on STEAM education)

For each of seven fields, we now invite applicants for several senior faculty positions at multiple ranks, including endowed chair, distinguished professor, full professor, associate professor (with tenure), associate professor (tenure-track), and assistant professor.

Job Requirements

Endowed Chair/Distinguished Professor/Full Professor (with tenure)

  1. Professors or an equivalent position in a world-class university or a world-class academic research institute;
  2. Having achieved peer-recognized outstanding academic accomplishments and significant international influence in related fields;
  3. With strong work ethics, academic integrity and demonstrated ability to work with teams.

Associate Professor (tenured)/Associate Professor (tenure-track)

  1. Having obtained a doctorate at a world-class university or in a world-class academic field, with more than three years of work experience;
  2. Excellent in teaching, experienced in lecturing courses and supervising doctoral students;
  3. Having demonstrated excellent academic research capability and had outstanding academic achievements;
  4. With strong work ethics, academic integrity and demonstrated ability to work with teams.

Assistant Professor/Lecturer

  1. Having obtained a doctorate from a world-class university or a world-class academic field;
  2. Having strong academic research and teaching capability, and the potential to be an outstanding faculty member;
  3. With strong work ethics, academic integrity and demonstrated ability to work with teams.

* Chinese is the language of teaching and research at SOE, thus applicants for our school require a high level of Chinese language proficiency.

If Chinese is not your first language (i.e. is not the first language you learned at home as a child), you will need to provide evidence of adequate Chinese facility for application consideration, unless you qualify for an exemption.

Remuneration and Compensation Packages
We provide a highly competitive salary and a comprehensive benefit package, with reasonable start-up funds, and other financial support.

How to Apply
Please send the following application materials to Ms. Chen at gse_office(at)

  1. Curriculum vitae (Firstname_Lastname_CV.pdf);
  2. Personal statement (Firstname_Lastname_PS.pdf);
  3. Three representative academic achievements (less than five years).

Job to offer?

We would be happy to post your job offer on our website and send it out via RSS feed and to our twitter account and facebook page.

Please send your information (ideally a word file; you may include your logo, if you would like) to Doretta Dow at

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