ECER 2020 - NW 17 Special Calls

Understanding Communities in Europe and beyond by (Re)Connecting with Histories of Education

Adopting history of education perspectives which allow for deeper understandings of ‘communities’ and (dis-/re)connections imagined with regard to these is key. Indeed, historical examples of the relevance of, yet also multifariousness of, ‘communities’ in education abound. History of education researchers themselves partake in ‘epistemic communities’, which raises questions regarding choices they make.
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Refugees in/and Education throughout Time in Europe: Re- and Deconstructions of Discourses, Policies and Practices in Educational Contexts

This joint call aims to contextualise and historicise discourses and voices of refugees in education. Recent debates tend to see the so-called refugee crisis from 2015/2016 as a singular event which implies new and unexpected challenges for education systems in host countries. The result is over-dramatization and a neglect of already existing resources of both communities and the education system. The aim of this call is to bring refugee immigration and its specific histories back on the agenda and to highlight research that generates a positive impact on improving the situation and opportunities of newcomers. Refuge needs to be understood not only as a single event but also as an intergenerational process related to particular contexts.
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Interview with Link Convenor 2019

We regret to inform you that the HEDSS in Lyon has been postponed. Due to the COVID-19, the French governement has asked all schooling institutions to cancel their public manifestation and the ENS de Lyon has decided to prohibit all scientific event until further notice. In this uncertain context, we decided that postponing the summer school to June 2021 was the best choice.
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