ECER 2022– NW 17 Special Call

Back/On to What, for Whom and Where? Historicising Ambiguous, Uneven Currents in Education from Situated Perspectives
NW 17 Histories of Education

Over the past three centuries, in reconfiguring worlds, education in its most diverse forms has been increasingly positioned as a key change agent, while, paradoxically, continuity has been shown to be at the core of its DNA. Histories of education have thereby increasingly highlighted “awkward knowledge”, or unwillingness on the part of education phenomena studied to stay within presupposed (e.g., national) borders, as well as “unevenness” of (i.e., diversity and inequalities across) education “space-times”. So, how to understand – through presents/futures past – commonalities and particularities of phenomena and change and continuity affecting current education? Back/on to what, for whom and where?
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