Network Activities

General Activities

Network 17 is running a project funded by EERA, Stiching Paedagogica Historica and University of Sassari, School Time in Flux and Flow in Europe and beyond, led by Geert Thyssen and Fabio Pruneri. The project will officially end on the 31st December 2018. As stressed before, the aim of the project is to create windows of opportunity for time-inflected comparative thinking and re/imagining around conditions of schooling in Europe and beyond. There was a call for contributions to the final publication, challenging authors to write a short essay (1000 words) starting from an image and a number about education in a chosen country for a heterogeneous audience of secondary school and above (young people, educators, lay persons), not only academics as usual.

In June, the Network engaged with the 9th History of Education Summer School (HEDSS), which took place in Riga, Latvia. 28 doctoral students from 16 countries took part in the HEDSS-9. Among the tutors and local organizers were several active participants of NW17 and its former and current convenors: e.g., Ian Grosvenor, Frank Simon, Angelo Van Gorp and Iveta Kestere. Thanks to collaboration with EERA, finances of HEDSS-9 were successfully managed. Several doctoral students, participants of HEDSS, became the active contributors of NW17 (e.g., Catherina Schreiber and Bernhard Hemetsberger from Austria and Ebba Blavarg from Sweden) .

Two highly respected scholars, historians of education, Prof. Ian Grosvenor and Prof. Frank Simon became honorary members of NW17.

The Facebook page of NW17 was activated:

Network Publications

1) NW17 celebrated the 20th anniversary of its foundation and special workshop Histories of Education over and in Time was organized by convenor Sarah Van Ruyskensvelde, Link Convenor Iveta Kestere a. o. with the presence of NW17’s founders and young scholars. Such topical question for the field as methodology, themes, new sources and community of researchers were discussed. All communications were recorded and the publication is being discussed as an outcome of the workshop. The workshop was followed by a festive dinner, supported by EERA.

2) Annual History of Education Doctoral Summer School (HEDSS) was organized by convenor Geert Thyssen in Liverpool. The summer school brought together about 30 doctoral students from around the world.

3) Professor Joyce Goodman from University of Winchester (United Kingdom) was celebrated as Honorary member of NW17. Promoter: Geert Thyssen.

4) Former Link Convenor Helena Ribeiro de Castro gave a video interview for EERA homepage where NW17 activities were analysed.

5) Convenor Geert Thyssen and Fabio Pruneri developed a project Looking Back Going Forward which resulted in publication and workshop during ECER. This project was sponsored by EERA.

• Participants of Network 17 have long-standing relations to Paedagogica Historica published by Taylor & Francis Group (Routledge). Several members and convenors of NW17 integrate the International Advisory Board of this journal (e.g., Pieter Verstraete, Fabio Pruneri, Iveta Kestere, Angelo Van Gorp). Many members of the network regularly publish their articles there.

• In the year of reference, two publications were prepared where participants of NW17 were purposefully involved:

  1. E-book edited by Geert Thyssen and Fabio Pruneri Looking Back Going Forward.
  2. BERA Research Intelligence (RI) Special Issue 30 years of the UNCRC: International perspectives on inclusive educational research with children. Helena Ribeiro de Castro, Iveta Kestere and Baiba Kalke contributed in this publication. • A book on research methodology in the history of education is planned in frame of EERA book series.

Future Plans

1) The special call of NW17 Understanding Communities in Europe and beyond by (Re) Connecting with Histories of Education is prepared for ECER in Glasgow.

2) The special joint call of NW17 and NW7 Refugees in/and Education throughout time in Europe. Re- and Deconstructions of Discourses, Policies and Practices in Educational Contexts is prepared for ECER in Glasgow.

3) It was decided to develop specific guidelines for reviewers to improve common criteria for evaluating research in history of education.

4) NW17 plans to invite keynoter for ECER in Glasgow.

5) More attention will be paid to young researchers from ERC.

6) The list of reviewers will be updated and extended.

7) History of Education Doctoral Summer School (HEDSS) will be organized in 11-14 June, 2020 in Lion (France) supported by EERA amongst other sponsors.

8) The NW17 plans to ask Catherine Burke (University of Cambridge) to become an Honorary Member. She has been involved in the Network since the beginning, and has been an important supporter throughout 20 years.

NW 17's e-/publications

Below please find NW 17's e-/publications:

  • "Looking Back Going Forward: School_Time in Flux and Flow in Europe and Beyond" (new!)
  • "Education Across Europe: A Visual Conversation"

NW 17 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw17-subscribe(at)

Interview with Link Convenor 2019

We regret to inform you that the HEDSS in Lyon has been postponed. Due to the COVID-19, the French governement has asked all schooling institutions to cancel their public manifestation and the ENS de Lyon has decided to prohibit all scientific event until further notice. In this uncertain context, we decided that postponing the summer school to June 2021 was the best choice.
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