Network Activities

General Activities

  1. WINTER SCHOOL – University of Barcelona (Juana Sancho-Gil (org.) Proposal submitted to EERA funding in 2018 Organised by Network members: Juana Sancho (LOC), Fernando Hernandez (LOC) and Dennis Beach, Begoña Vigo, Christoph Maeder, Sofia Marques da Silva and the Esbrina Group (University of Barcelona). This activity had impact in ECER as participants (students and teachers) organised symposia that were accepted as part of the network programme: Symposia: Researching Inclusive Practices in Mainstream Schools: reflecting on participatory and critical ethnographic approaches. Symposia: Formations of Young Ethnographers of Education: needs, constrains, possibilities.
  2. Submission of a proposal for EERA funding for Small research projects, that was not financed but involved several network members in the proposal design.
  3. Organisation of the 8th Rethinking Educational Ethnography Conference, Ethnography in Higher Education, University of Graz, AU. Org. Clemens Wieser.


Implementing Ethics in Educational Ethnography, Edited by Hugh Busher and Alison Fox, Routledge. This book came from a symposia organised in he network 2 years ago. Jornal Ethnography and Education, Taylor & Francis is the network related journal for many years

Future Plans

OEEC – Oxford Ethnography and Education Conference, 9-11 of September, 2019. 9 th RETHINKING EDUCATION ETHNOGRAPHY CONFERENCE, University of Goteborg (Catarina Player-Koro & Peter Erlandson, network members will be the LOC), June, 2020.

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Interview with Link Convenors 2019

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