Network Activities

General Activities

The network has finished the new book entitled: Curriculum Making in Europe Policy and Practice Within and Across Diverse Contexts. The book will be published by Emerald early 2021. The editorial team consists of Daniel Alvunger, Mark Priestley, Stavroula Philippou and Tiina Soini-Ikonen. Many network members have contributed to with book chapters on curriculum making in Cyprus, Portugal, Czechia, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden and Finland. A festive book launch is planned for during ECER 2021.


The network keeps strong connections to the Curriculum Journal: Mark Priestley and Stavroula Philippou are the chief editors. The team of associate editors consists of Claire Sinnema, Daniel Alvunger, David Leat, Joseph Smith, Kathryn Hibbert, Tiina Soini and Nienke Nieveen.

Future Plans

During ECER 2021 we will organize (on top of a inspiring conference program with paper sessions and symposia):

  • a second capacity building workshop on Curriculum Theories during ECER2021 (on Tuesday morning)
  • a festive book launch for the new book 'Curriculum Making in Europe Policy and Practice Within and Across Diverse Contexts' Due to the current circumstances,
  • we are reconsidering the plans for our fifth edition of the Network's summer school in 2021.

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