NW 30 Environmental and Sustainability Education Research: The role of activism in educating communities about sustainability...

The role of activism in educating communities about sustainability issues.

Protest and activism in relation to climate change and other sustainability issues amongst young people in particular but also across generations is becoming a common experience within and beyond educational settings. This phenomenon has the potential to be both divisive and connective within communities at local, national and international levels. Protests have involved a range of formats such as walking and striking (e.g. Fridays for Future and Youth Strikes for Climate), artivism (e.g. Art for Extinction Rebellion), political petitions (e.g. the Green New Deal) and a plethora of online petitions. We seek submissions that look at this phenomenon from a range of points of view, for example: formal learning, informal learning and public pedagogy; focusing on what these new movements mean for education and education research in relation to sustainability and disrupted climates.

The Call
The purpose of this call is to inspire new thinking and research around these rapidly growing areas of activity in our field that is having a very significant impact on our profile and the visibility and priority of sustainability issues within education research and beyond. The new nature and rapid expansion of these activities means that contributions will be particularly conducive to panel discussions and posters where the goal is to open up ideas for discussion and we hope that submissions will take this into account. We encourage you to make contact with other researchers in the network and beyond via three contact persons (see below) to try to set novel groups of researchers to work on these questions in different country settings. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Contact person(s)
Elsa Lee (eul20(at)cam.ac.uk)
Stefan Bengtsson (stefan.bengtsson(at)swedesd.uu.se)
Jonas Lysgaard (jonas(at)edu.au.dk)

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