ECER 2022– NW 33 Special Call

Education in a Changing World: The impact of global realities on the prospects and experiences of educational research
NW 33 Gender and Education

The Gender and Education Network welcomes submissions for papers, symposia, posters, panels, round tables, and other creative engagements that address any issues relating to gender and education. This special call aims to encourage submissions that increase our understanding of current and anticipated educational (in)equalities and that engage in informed speculation about future research needs and potential actions. We need more comprehensive, in-depth, theorised comparisons of EU and nations regarding the current nature of (in)equalities of genders and sexualities so that such understandings can shape future research directions. The many uncertainties facing European education systems generate threats and opportunities: climate change, technological acceleration, shifting geo-politics, fluctuating demographics, COVID are just some examples.
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