ECER 2023– NW 07/20/31 Joint Special Call

Multiliteracies in Intercultural and Multilingual Education: Bridging Identities, Practices and Learning Environments
NW 07 Social Justice and Intercultural Education/NW 20 Research in Innovative Intercultural Learning Environments/NW 31 LEd – Network on Language and Education

Multiliteracies as a concept takes up and theorises social trends that have been identified as key developments in societies as well as central terms in intercultural and multilingual education: cultural hybridity and multimodality, i.e., “the increasing salience of multiple modes of meaning – linguistic, visual, auditory, and so on, and the increasing tendency for texts to be multimodal” (Fairclough, 2000, p. 171). With this joint special call, we invite educational researchers to submit papers on (multi)literacy skills, new modalities and innovative learning environments, identities and biographies of multilinguals, digital media, and (multi)literacy practices.
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