Network Activities

General Activities

NW1 was successful in obtaining EERA funding for a project entitled Ecologies of Teacher Induction and Mentoring in Europe (TIME). This project is implemented in collaboration with Nordplus and several national universities that support the development of mentoring research. Research on the field of mentoring has been dominated by Anglo-American literature and European perspectives are called for. Researchers are invited from all parts of Europe (including UK and Israel) to this network project. As an outcome, a European network for research on induction and mentoring will be consolidated as a part of EERA NW 1. Further details are available from NW 01 Project: Ecologies of Teacher Induction and Mentoring in Europe (TIME) here.

Network Publications

Network 1 has strong links to the journal Professional Development in Education. Ken Jones is Chair of the journal's Editorial Board. Giorgio Ostinelli and Alberto Crescentini had an article accepted and published in 2021: Policy, culture and practice in teacher professional development in five European countries. A comparative analysis. Sally Windsor and colleagues had an article published in the journal in 2020 (Developing teachers: adopting observation tools that suspend judgement to stimulate evidence-informed dialogue during the teaching practicum to enrich teacher professional development). Following successful symposia in the ECER 2019 and 2021 conferences, Ken Jones and Giorgio Ostinelli are editing a book with chapters from over 12 European countries including Finland, Wales, England, Austria, Romania, Portugal, Austria Estonia, Scotland and Ireland. The proposal is at the review stage.

Future Plans

Future plans for further collaboration, publications and networking will be considered at our next NW1 meeting.