Network Activities

Network Publications

Professor Ken Jones has been acting as a Link Convener of Network 1 since 2016 and he also acts as the Managing Editor of the Journal Professional Development in Education. This journal has established formal support with the Network through running a ‘Meet the Editors’ session. This year, the meeting was held on Wednesday 4th of September in room 2142, giving advice on how to get published in an academic journal. Approximately 30 persons attended the meeting and it was favourably evaluated by participants who found it helpful and reassuring. The network has three links, the journal discussed above and “Practice” a practitioner orientated journal also published by Taylor-Francis. There is also the International Professional Development Association.

Future Plans

Network 1 is developing a book proposal on Professional Learning across Europe led by Giorgio Ostinelli to be discussed at the Network 1 meeting in 2020. The network is also exploring the possibility of developing a blog on professional learning led by Mihaela Mitescu.