HuCER - Hungarian Conference on Educational Research, 2019

Prevention, intervention, compensation
Date 23 - 24 May 2019
Venue Eszterházy Károly University, Eger, Hungary
Organisation Hungarian Educational Research Association - HERA and Eszterházy Károly University

Today's three pedagogical and educational key words describe the process that educators / trainers need to do as to overcome the backwardness of those in charge of education and to ensure their maximum development. Prevention is a kind of defensive work: it is easier and better to prevent young people and adults from falling out of social communities - institutions, families, local societies, jobs - than to intervene when there is trouble. Interference must occur when the problem arises: a decrease in school performance, the disintegration of local communities, the loss of jobs, and the disintegration of families. There are official bodies to intervene, but this work requires much broader social collaboration and cooperation to help the sliders back into the path they have already started. Equalization is the responsibility of all actors in education to those who, despite the intervention, are unable to get back to their original career. Prevention, intervention and compensation can therefore only be achieved through social cooperation, collaboration between official bodies (schools, vocational training, social care, health care) and civilians (foundations, associations, churches). The school can be the one, if not the most important, co-ordinator of the cooperation. That's why HuCER puts prevention, intervention and compensation on its agenda in 2019. The conference will host the European Educational Research Association (academic: Prof. Stephen McKinney, Dr. George Head). The new editorial committee of the HERJ Hungarian Educational Research Journal holds its inaugural meeting here.

  • Conference Venue and Date: 23-24 May, 2019 Eszterházy Károly University Eger
  • Keynote Speaker Prof. Joe O’Hara (Dublin City University), President of EERA - European Educational Research Association
  • Online application form is available at:
  • More information is available here.
  • The application deadline is 5 April, 2019


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