InSEA SEMINAR Building social cohesion through Arts Education

Date 29 October - 02 November 2018
Venue Walvis Bay, Namibia
Organisation Society for Arts Education in Namibia: SAEN

This  InSEA SEMINAR, hosted by the Society for Arts Education in Namibia (SAEN) aims to promote InSEA in African countries  and to foster dialogue and sharing of praxis and research about education through art.

Special focus will be upon social cohesion through Arts Education  and we welcome educators, teachers, artists  and researchers from all the continents who are interested in this topic to share  their experiences and reflections during this great event. Sub-themes  include  the role of Arts Education in:

  • Understanding identity: Safeguarding our diverse cultural heritage
  • Building social responsibility and citizenship: -Art therapy in schools and community-  Artists involvement in formal arts education- Artists involvement in Gender-based violence
  • Promoting a safe and healthy environment
  • Securing freedom of expression and basic human rights
  • Formal teaching in primary and secondary schools
  • Inclusive economic development: Empowering artistic skills  through economic emancipation and wealth creation- Economic empowerment through the arts

The Organization calls art educators, artists and art education praticionners from all continents to bring their experiences, through workshops.


Application Deadline: 1 June 2018

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