2014 - Histories of Education Summer School

The 5th Histories of Education Summer School Conference was held at Umeå University, Sweden, 12-15 June 2014. The summer school was attended by 30 postgraduate students from universities in 16 different countries, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, the UK and the USA. The conference comprised presentations by the postgraduate participants (which were followed up by discussions led by specially invited tutors) as well as sessions where senior researchers in the field presented and initiated discussions about aspects of their own research. The tutors and senior presenters at the conference included Dr Catherine Burke (University of Cambridge), Professor Lars Elenius (Umeå University), Professor Ian Grosvenor (University of Birmingham), Associate Professor Anna Larsson (Umeå University), Professor Daniel Lindmark (Umeå University), Professor Kate Rousmaniere (Miami University Ohio), Professor Frank Simon (Ghent University) and Associate Professor Angelo van Gorp (Ghent University). The conference was supported by the Paedagogica Historica Foundation, the History of Education Society, UK, the International Standing Conference for History of Education (ISCHE), the European Educational Research Association (EERA) and History and Education Group, Umeå University. The local organizing committee included Professor Daniel Lindmark, Professor Lars Elenius, Associate Professor Anna Larsson, Dr Björn Norlin (conference coordinator) and Dr Henrik Åström Elmersjö.

Participants general appreciation of the summer school – quotes from the evaluation:

“it has been a great experience. I really appreciated the Summer School as an opportunity both to meet the rising generation of educational scholars and to spend time with established scholars in the field. I also appreciated hearing about the exciting research that is underway and getting feedback on my own research.”

 “I really enjoyed meeting so many young researchers from all over the world and discussing their and my work with them. The atmosphere was great - really friendly and appreciating everyone's work. The advice given was very constructive.”

 “The Summer School was fantastic. It was very well structured and organised. I really benefited from discussing my research project with other postgraduate students and the feedback I received from the tutors was valuable. Attending the Summer School has greatly assisted me with my research. It was wonderful to be able to discuss future collaborations with other postgraduate students and to learn about the many different approaches that people are taking with their work. I truly enjoyed the Summer School and I'm very grateful for the learning opportunities it provided me.”


Angelo Van Gorp (vangorp(at)uni-landau.de) for formal queries, e.g. regarding application, eligibility criteria.

Iveta Kestere (iveta.kestere(at)lu.lv) for practical queries e.g., regarding travel, venue, meals, accompanying persons

Dates and Deadlines

Application deadline: 31 Dec. 2017
Information on acceptance: Feb. 2018
Course dates: 7 - 10 June 2018
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Supporters and Organizers

The conference is supported by the

  • Stichting Paedagogica Historica
  • History of Education Society, UK
  • European Educational Research Association (EERA)
  • International Standing Conference for the History of Education (ISCHE)
  • University of Latvia, Riga