Professor Shakuntala Banaji

Shakuntala Banaji is Professor of Media, Culture and Social Change in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE, where she also serves as Programme Director for the MSc Media, Communication and Development.

Professor Banaji lectures on International Media and the Global South, film theory and world cinema, and critical approaches to media, communication and development in the Department. She has published extensively on young people, children and media as well as gender, ethnicity and new media and cinema, with more than fifty articles and chapters on orientalism and racism in media, Hindi horror films, social media use in the Middle East and North Africa and children, social class and media in India. Her recent publications deal with disinformation, misinformation and fake news, creativity, democracy, the internet, social media and civic participation.

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Ethics and reflexivity in research: From vulnerable subjects to the far right

Conceptualising, designing and carrying out research in vastly divergent contexts can involve researchers in complex negotiations around their own and others identities. Using examples from research with children around schooling and media use, and with adults about media literacy and participation in networks of misinformation, this lecture explores the ways in which ethics and reflexivity can and should play a role at all stages of research. Far from being separable from methodology, ethics and reflexivity are inseparable from it. The lecture suggestions ways in which ethical and reflexive frameworks can enrich not only data collection but also analysis and writing; and conversely, the ways in which an absence of such care can lead to deeply problematic and even misleading conclusions.