Network 18: Research in Sport Pedagogy

Sport Developments in Coaching: Ireland, New Zealand and Sweden

One of the issues that many countries face when it comes to sport development is talent identification and development (Cassidy, Jones and Potrac, 2016). This is a fledgling research base dedicated to understanding the process of identifying and developing talent in sport. It is clear that there is limited analysis of the insights and experiences of those involved in designing the policies, assisting with the professional development of coaches and those who actually undertaking the practices in talent identification and development. The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for emerging researchers to share the commonalities and the differences associated with talent identification and development in three countries. Specifically, the workshop speakers will engage in discussion regarding their insights and findings regarding the policies and practices of coaches and coach educators involved in talent identification and development in Ireland, New Zealand and Sweden.

This interactive session will use a World Cafe format with four 'conversation booths'. Dr. Fiona Chambers coordinates the workshop. The workshop participants move from through four Discussion Booths during the time allotted.  Each booth is hosted by one/two of the PhD students who summarise their research and engage in dialogue about the research aims, design and perhaps, findings. Dr. Tania Cassidy closes the World Cafe with a discussion on key points raised and future directions for this research.

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