Tasks of Convenors

Tasks of Convenors and Reviewers

The roles of Convenors vary from Network to Network, partly depending upon their size and ambition. As the Networks are the main organizers of each ECER (European Conference on Educational Research), it is necessary for the Convenors to liaise with their members and with the EERA Office and Council. This happens via the Networks Representative on Council. Some of this communication is made through the elected Networks’ Representative on Council.
As each Convenor can take a different role in the Network, the workload will be light and the role allows wide scope to establish a lively network. Each network appoints a Link-Convenor who speaks on behalf of the network and the other Convenors.

The main responsibilities of the Network Convenors are:

  • to maintain contact with the EERA Secretary General, the Networks’ Representative on Council and the EERA office; 
  • participate in Link-Convenor Meeting at ECER;
  • to communicate with Network members and organize the annual Network Business Meeting; 
  • to communicate with the Editor of the European Educational Research Journal; 
  • to invite/ coordinate ECER contributions; 
  • to review ECER proposals or find reviewers in the Network and to put together the ECER Network Programme (including session chairs); 
  • to organize Network activities at ECER, including Symposia, Roundtables and Workshops
  • To write an annual network report, to be handed in to the EERA office by November 1

NW Representative

Fabio Dovigo

Network Representative on Council

Northumbria UniversityBenton
Professor of Education
Department of Social Work, Education and Community Wellbeing
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK