Bursary Winners 2023

Name Winning Paper University Country of Residence
Angelica Bonilla How Do Family-School Relations Influence the Discussion of Controversial Issues in an Elite School? Case Study from Chile’s Constitutional Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile Chile
Azneezal Ar Rashid Mohd Ramli Exploring Science Teachers’ Experiences in Lesson Study: a Critical Participatory Action Research Study University Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia Malaysia
Catherine Murray Participatory Planning: Preparing for Adulthood as an Autistic Person. Trinity College Dublin United Kingdom
Dareen Assaf Female Underrepresentation in Syrian University Senior-Leadership Positions: Perceptions, Barriers, and Enablers Sheffield Hallam University United Kingdom
Erika Ribeiro Developing a Formative Proposal for Initial Teacher Education Based on STEAM Approach and Creative Thinking Development University of Aveiro, Portugal Portugal
Ignacio Wyman Building Supportive and Collaborative Relationships in Times of Change: A Relational Approach to Mandated and Non-mandated Networks in School-Distric The University of Manchester United Kingdom
Juan Antonio Carrasco Problems of School Mixed Provision System: How do Schools Respond to the Regulatory Changes in Chile in 2015-2020? Autonomous University of Barcelona, France France
Marlena Mitka Women’s Knowledge and Attitudes about Sexual Violence and Possibilities for Prevention, Education, and Support Interventions in this Area Doctoral School at the University of Sil, Poland Poland
Martina Kramar Intercultural Competence in Foreign Language Education at Primary Schools: Comparative Analysis in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Croatia Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb in Croatia Croatia
Monika Semradova The Phenomenon of Differentiated Learning Tasks as a Way of Supporting All Pupils in the Primary Classroom Faculty of Education, Charles University, Czech Republic Czech Republic
Natalia Dombinskaya Ukrainian Parents’ Engagement with Czech Public Schools: Challenges and Roles of Parents in the Collaboration Charles University, Czech Republic Czech Republic
Nikoloz Maglaperidze Teacher Agency in Curriculum-Making in the Republic of Georgia: A Critical Analysis Maynooth University, Ireland Ireland
Pamela Hyży Men Experiencing Sexual Violence by Women. Sociopedagogical Analysis of the Phenomenon in Poland University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland Poland
Pegi Pavletić Students' Outlook on Diversity in Quality Assurance of Higher Education: How Far Have We Come? European Students` Union, Belgium Belgium
Peter Ochieng Okiri Fortying Teacher Leading Through Distributing Pedagogical Leadership in Initial Teacher Preparation Programs University of Szeged, Hungary Hungary
Qazi Waqas Ahmed Parental Involvement in Children’s Education; A Developing Country Perspective University of Jyvaskyla, Finland Finland
Qiandong Zhou Teacher Agency in Digital Age: A Systematic Review of Technology-Based Teaching Practices Durham university United Kingdom
Simay Birce Cirit Microinteractional Adaptation Practices of Teachers in Linguistically Diverse Mathematics Classes Universität Kassel, Germany Germany
Sphoorti Exploring the Intellectual Influence of John Dewey on the Educational Initiatives of Gandhi and Ambedkar: A Critical Comparison Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India India
Talar Agopian A Comparative Analysis of Teacher Education Study Programs of Selected Universities in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates Charles University, Czech Republic Czech Republic
Taťána Škanderová Construction and Development of Student Identity of College Students Whose Parents Do Not Have University Degree Charles University, Prague, CZ, Czech Republic Czech Republic
Thu Dao The Impact of Geographical School Location on Teacher Retention and Attrition: The Case of Early Career TESOL Teachers in Vietnam KU Leuven, Belgium Belgium
Yao Xie Barriers and Enablers for International Second Language Acquisition Students in Higher Education University of Galway, Ireland Ireland
Yu ZHU “There is Demand, There is Market,” on the Implementation of Chinese Prohibitive Shadow Education Policy - Double Reduction from the Tutors’ Perspective Charles University, Czech Republic Czech Republic