Network Related Publications


In January 2015 EERA Council decided to review and develop its publication policy. In order to include Networks in this process of exploration and to investigate in what fields new publishing options may be promising, EERA opens a new funding line. Networks or groups of Networks which are interested in exploring journal publishing options may apply for a Feasibility Study on Network-Related Publications.

Feasibility Study on Network-Related Publications will normally include:

  • Overview of existing high-quality journals and book series in the field of the network.
  • Commentary on their focus, quality and scope and possible relationship with NW activities.
  • Report about communication with a selection of relevant journal editors
  • Since the establishment of a new journal might not be the option to go for in fields where there is a range of relevant journals existing we ask you to communicate with editors of relevant journal to explore possible formats of collaboration, e.g. special issues, network representatives in editorial board etc.
  • Proposal for further steps, e.g. plan for establishing a new ‘EERA sponsored Journal’ or plan for collaboration with an existing journal to make it a ‘EERA sponsored journal’ (e.g. information on next steps, what form the collaboration will take etc.).
  • However, there may also be cases where the recommendation must be not to go forward with new publishing projects.

Principles for Network-Related Publications Schools

Initiator - EERA Network (endorsed by the Link Convenor)
Diversity - All applications should normally demonstrate how at least three European countries participate.
Capacity building - All applications should address issue of capacity building (Next Generation of Emerging Researchers and researchers in low GDP countries)
Partnerships - No co-funding or partnership is needed.
Administration - All administration of the project is to be taken care of by the applicant. Please note that the EERA Office will not be in a position to provide administrative support for this activity but will be able to offer advice on procedural issues.
Budget - A maximum sum per project is 1500 Euros.

EERA covers    

  • Rent of venue and rooms
  • Accommodation    
  • Catering
  • VAT
  • Where requests are made for travel and subsistence they must demonstrate how they relate to the application outputs.
  • A small honorarium for specific administration costs related directly to the project.

EERA does not cover    

  • Overheads
  • EERA will not fund activities which involve the transfer of money to publishing houses.
  • EERA will not fund personal/institutional research time.

How to apply

Networks who plan to apply funding for network-related publications should submit an application on the following proforma (add link to template).

It is recommended to consult Networks’ Representative on Council (add link) for initial feedback before submitting an application.

Evaluation criteria

  • An application has the endorsement of the Network Link-convenor.
  • The funded activity should benefit both the Network and EERA
  • An application has addressed the issue of capacity building (Next generation of emerging researchers and participants from low GDP countries).
  • An application demonstrates how at least three European countries participate.
  • The application should be very specific in terms of outputs, e.g.: plan for the future steps, setting up a special issue, network representatives in editorial board, etc.
  • An application has a detailed and transparent budget (including contribution from the partners, if applicable).

The same project will not be funded more than one time.

EERA Officers will examine applications ensuring that all requests are within budget.

Reviewing of the application

1. EERA Executive Group reviews an application

a. If the application does not have potential and/or fit to the scope of funding EERA Executive Group rejects it.
b. If the application has potential and fit to the scope of funding EERA Executive Group gives feedback to further develop the application and asks for a resubmission (if needed).

2. Once all the criteria are met EERA Executive Group accepts the application (typically an application is discussed in two executive meetings)

3. Accepted application is endorsed by the EERA Council.

Application Form

Please use the following form for handing in proposals for network funding.