Mentoring Emerging Researchers

The Emerging Researcher Group offers 3 types of mentoring during which Emerging Researchers receive feedback and guidance from experienced academics.

  1. Best Paper Award Reviewing: ERG co-convenors are mentored while they review Best Paper Award submissions (in-depth mentoring opportunity)
  2. ERC Reviewing: Emerging Researchers new to reviewing are mentored while they review submissions to the Emerging Researchers’ Conference (mentoring opportunity open to those who attend the ERG meeting during the ERC)
  3. ERC Chairperson: First-time chairpersons are mentored before and during the Emerging Researchers’ Conference (open mentoring opportunity)

If you are interested in being mentored during one or more of these activities, please contact the link convenor of the Emerging Researchers’ Group, Saneeya Qureshi (saneeya.qureshi(at)