3. Curriculum

Interview with Link Convenor 2019

Network Objectives

Network 3 takes a curricular perspective in research on educational change. More specifically, it focuses on the challenges that policy makers, schools, teachers and other stakeholders experience when taking initiatives to alter (parts of) the curriculum. Central to the success and sustainability of curriculum renewal is the need for synergy and productive relations between:

  1. Curriculum development at various levels (system, school and classroom);
  2. Professional development of teachers
  3. School development 
  4. External support

The following topics are covered in this network

Curriculum (policy) development

  • How does curriculum (policy) development at system, school and classroom level evolve?
  • What do curriculum change processes look like in countries with decentralized or centralized curriculum policies?
  • How can coherence between various curricular levels (system, school and classroom) be improved?
  • What roles do teachers, team leaders and school leaders take in curriculum development endeavors at schools (including analysis, design, evaluation and implementation activities)?

Professional development

  • What professional development interventions contribute to enhancing curriculum development at school level?
  • How do curriculum development processes interact with professional development of all partivipants involved (including teachers, but also policy makers, test developers, educational publishers)?

School development

  • What kind of leadership roles (formal and informal) contribute to fostering curriculum development at schools?
  • What kind of school cultures facilitates curriculum and teacher development?

External Support 

  • How can support agencies assist schools in organizing synergy between curriculum, teacher and school development?
  • What roles of educational publishers are accommodating curriculum development at schools?

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Interview with Link Convenor 2019