Network Season Schools

Network Season Schools are, together with other activities - like the Emerging Researchers' Conference with its conference support and the Best Paper Award - part of EERA's ongoing commitment for capacity building.

Network Season Schools are courses specifically designed for capacity building and targeting at PhD Students and Emerging Researchers (Post – Docs). Besides EERA, the applying network needs to have a second partner who is willing to financially support the Network Season School.

Principles for Network Season Schools

Initiator - EERA Network (endorsed by the Link Convenor)
Focus - Subject specific and network related
Duration - 1-3 days typically for a maximum of 2 years
Language - English
Credits - Universities are encouraged to award ECTS points on successful completion of the course.
Target Group - PhD students and early career researchers studying in an EERA member country.
Number of participants - Minimum of 15 and normally maximum of 30 participants.
Diversity - Tutors and participants will normally be chosen from diverse European countries (Countries with an EERA member association). At least three different countries must be represented.
Participation fee - There is typically no participation fee. If fees need to be implemented they should be modest and take into account differences between participants from high and low GDP countries. Accommodation of participants from low GDP countries will be subsidized.
Partnerships - The Season School would be established in partnership with EERA Network, an Association or one or more universities for two years
Administration - Administration is shared by the local partners on the basis of a contract
Budget - Responsibility for funding to be shared by EERA and partners.
Maximum EERA budget is 6000 Euro pr. annum.

EERA covers   

  • Student accommodation and food
  • Mentor/supervisor/guest tutors: travel, accommodation and food
  • Social events
  • Catering

EERA does not cover   

  • Honorarium
  • Staff time
  • VAT

How to apply

Networks who plan to organise a Season School should submit an application on this following pro forma.
It is recommended to consult Networks’ Representative on Council for initial feedback before submitting an application.
Evaluation criteria

  • An application has the endorsement of the Network Link-convenor.
  • Focus, duration and number of participants are in line with the principles of network season schools.
  • An application has addressed the issue of capacity building (participants from low GDP countries).
  • An application demonstrates how at least three European countries participate.
  • An application has a detailed and transparent budget including contribution from the partners.

EERA Officers will examine applications ensuring that all requests are within budget.

Reviewing of the application

1.EERA Executive Group reviews an application

a. If the application does not have potential and/or fit to the scope of funding EERA Executive Group rejects it.
b. If the application has potential and fit to the scope of funding EERA Executive Group gives feedback to further develop the application and asks for a resubmission (if needed).

2.Once all the criteria are met EERA Executive Group accepts the application (typically an application is discussed in two executive meetings)

3. Accepted application is endorsed by the EERA Council.

Application Form

Networks who plan to organise a Season School should submit the following application.