Chemnitz University of Techology (TUC)

Chemnitz University of Technology was founded in 1836 as a school of technical vocational education („Gewerbschule“). Soon, it became the backbone of innovative technology in engineering enterprises of the region of Southwest Saxony. On its way from a vocational school to a royal academy and onwards to a university, it was essential to be equipped with a “General department”. This was to become the Faculty of Arts, containing philological studies, human and social studies. This faculty is also the home of the institute of education (Institut für Pädagogik).

Still today, with a thriving knowledge and technology transfer Chemnitz University of Technology is able to create mutually advantageous cooperation between science, business and society by developing active partnerships. The hallmark of the university's profile, however, is the interdisciplinary open and constructive dialogue with special commitment to and responsibility for the promotion of young researchers.

Thus, Chemnitz University of Technology sees itself as a driver of innovation in dealing with the important problems of tomorrow. Against the backdrop of global changes and new demographics, there is a need for comprehensive solutions that are sustainable, interdisciplinary and beneficial to our society.

(Source: TU Chemnitz)

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