Bursary Winners 2015

Bartosz Atroszko Unhealthy Learning Attitudes and the Transition from Studying to Labour Market University of Gdansk
Gulzhan Azimbayeva Tracing the processes of higher educational change during the Soviet and post-Soviet periods in Kazakhstan University of Bristol
Nina Brankovic Institutional predispositions as barriers or supports to cooperation of universities and academic staff with industrial subjects in Bosnia and Herzegovina University of Zagreb
Silviu Brebulet The impact of school counseling on the acculturation of the re-migrant Romanian children University of Bucharest
Maria Chalari Education For Hope In The Midst Of Greece's Socio-economic Crisis University of London
Nilgün Demirci Analysis of Pre-Service Chemistry Teachers’ Scientific Argumentation Middle East Technical University
Mahammad Abul Hasnat A case study on stakeholders’ engagement in rural secondary schools’ in Bangladesh University of Canterbury, NZ
Kateryna Hodlevska Transition to Innovations in Education as Response to Civilizational Challenges: International Experience for Ukraine National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine
Leila Iyldyz Trilingual Education Policy In Secondary Schools In Kazakhstan: Teachers’ Beliefs And Classroom Practices Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education
Panagiotis Kalogerakis On Quality And Autonomy In times Of Economic Crisis: The Greek Early Childhood Education And Care Sector University of the Peloponnese
Guliz Karaarslan What Does a Tree Mean to You? Do Turkish Pre-service Science Teachers Hold Initial Systems Thinking Skills? Middle East Technical University
Maruša Komotar Beyond the Convergence - Diversity Dichotomy in Quality Assurance Systems: Slovenia and the Netherlands University of Ljubljana
Sara Pinheiro European Citizenship (EC) and Perspectives of young people from non-dominant ethnic groups in Portuguese upper secondary schools University of Porto
Muhammed Mahbubur Rahaman Global policies of inclusive education and inclusive education practices: A study of provisions for secondary students with disabilities in Bangladesh University of Canterbury, NZ
Joana Sousa School external evaluation effects on the restructure of early childhood education curriculum in Portugal University of Porto
Xiaojing Sun Development and Evaluation of the Chinese Version of The Questionnaire on Teacher Interaction (QTI) and Comparison with Other Languages Utrecht University
Timea Szucs Changes At Primary Arts Education Institutions In Hungary In 1989-2009 University of Debrecen
Simona Tomášková Conversational Competence in Teaching German as a Foreign Language Comenius University Bratislava
Zsuzsanna Hegedüsne Toth Research on the Renewal of the Music Education of Pre-School Educators in Hungary Eotvos Lorend University Budapest
Alina Raluca Turculet Towards a New Model of European Effective Teacher University of Bucharest
SAGE WINNER Christiana Charampopoulis From A Single Identity To Multiple Identities: A Review Of Museum Education University of Patras