Bursary Winners 2012

Babicka-Wirkus, Anna First-generation Human Rights in Higher Education University of Szczecin
Barta, Szilvia Students’ perceived academic context with a special emphasis on academic misbehavior and lecturer relations – a cross-border Central-Eastern-European examination University of Debrecen
Davies, Patricia Students as Researchers: Student Leadership of School ICT Policymaking University of Manchester
Demir, Nacar Social Segregation in Education Within Schools in Turkey University of Ankara
Juceviciute, Vaiva Individual Vocal Studies in the Context of Future Music Teachers’ Education Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences
Karisan, Dilek A Science Teacher’s Knowledge about Assessment Strategies: Liquid Pressure Topic Middle East Technical University
Khan, Riffat Abbas Emotional Capital Development at Primary School in Pakistan: Basis of an Education and Development for All University Paul Valéry, Montpellier
Kostur, Hakki Classroom and Early Childhood Preservice Teachers' Science Teaching Efficacy Beliefs and Their Attitudes Towards Science Teaching Baskent University, Ankara
Lauri, Triin School Choice Policy – Seeking to Balance Educational Efficiency and Equity? A Comparative Analysis of 20 European Countries Tallinn University
Martinez Galaz, Carolina Teaching and Research: The Two Worlds of Science Teacher University University of Barcelona
Mehmetlioglu, Deniz Historical Development of Place Value Middle East Technical University
Novotna, Katarina Transition between Primary and Lower Secondary Stage of Basic School from the Students’ and Their Teacher` Perspective Charles University, Prague
Ozen, Mehtap A Comparative Analysis of Measures of Central Tendency in Mathematics Textbooks from Turkey, Singapore and The United States Middle East Technical University
Pataki, Gyöngyver Student houses as lens: patterns of the evolution of democratic culture among Hungarian students University of Debrecen
Plugor, Reka Student Narratives of School-to-Work Transitions in England and Romania University of Leicester
Rout, Bharat Good Institutions and Bad Students? Understanding Hierarchies of Exclusion in Indian Universities National University of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi.
Tözser, Zoltan Expansion of Higher Education with Special Focus on Part-time Students - the Hungarian Case University of Debrecen
Tuncay, Busra The Relationship between Fears of and Attitudes toward Stray Dogs in a University Campus Middle East Technical University
Zascerinska, Jelena TPlurilinguism in Professionalisation: Student Teachers’ View in Latvia University of Latvia
Sage Bursary: Zawadski, Michal Struggling for Human in the Management Classroom: Tactics from “Critical Management Education” Jagiellonian University. Cracow