Theme and Aims

"Educational Research in Europe: decolonise, democratise and develop. Legacies and futurities."

The theme of EERSS Porto 2024 is "Educational Research in Europe: decolonise, democratise and develop. Legacies and futurities.".

In 2024, Portugal will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the "Carnation Revolution" that restored democracy - the first of a series of democratic transitions in the South of Europe. The motto of the revolution became known as the "three Ds": decolonise, democratise, and develop. Inspired by this anniversary, the EERA 2024 Summer School in Porto will address how democratisation, decolonisation and development are still important to face up to the challenges we have today in educational research. While European educational research is praised for its depth and openness, its continuing merit depends on keeping a critical epistemological vigilance on tendencies to marginalise other non-hegemonic knowledges. It also involves confronting patronising, polarised and extractivist practices. Such an endeavour implies incorporating listening, collaboration and participation in our research methods but also valuing a cosmopolitan pluriversalism, recognising that all knowledge is situated and particular.

EERSS Porto 2024 aims to support doctoral students interested in bringing current epistemological and methodological debates to the forefront of educational research. This implies a critical vigilance over knowledge and what counts as knowledge – and who counts as knowledge creators. It also involves a diversification of research methodologies, not only incorporating ethics but also reflecting on the power of methods to shape realities. The Summer School will create spaces to share, discuss and debate, allowing emerging researchers to interact with each other and with more experienced researchers, taking their own ideas as the point of departure for collaborative joint learning regarding the theories, the practices, the problems, and the challenges of educational-research-in-the-making. Tutors will include members from the four research centers – CIIE, CIEd, CIDTFF and CEAD – as well as international researchers who will share their expertise and experiences on a wide range of educational and social issues across all education sectors, from early years to higher education and adult education.

EERA Summer School 2024 includes a five-day research experience programme in Porto, one of Portugal’s most beautiful and vibrant cities. CIIE (and the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto, where CIIE is hosted) is delighted to welcome doctoral students to join our dynamic research team. Combining academic rigour, research excellence and innovation, CIIE develops high-quality research on key issues of educational and social change in order to broaden the role of education in promoting equity, inclusion and active citizenship.

The Summer School also includes the opportunity to become acquainted with educational research projects developed by CEAD. CEAD main focus is on adult education and community intervention with special attention to issues of gender, inequalities and social participation, non-traditional students in Higher Education, or the education and learning of older adults. In all cases, CEAD values the possibility to use research to contribute to improving social dynamics and individual and collective life, with a strong emphasis in internationalization but also sharing knowledge within non-academic contexts. 

Additionally, the Summer School will provide field trips to research contexts and partners where you can interact with educational actors and explore what sense they make of the making of educational research.