NW 30. Environmental and Sustainability Education Research, ESER - Seasonal School 2024

Transformative Learning in Sustainability: adopting a pluriversal approach

From the website:
Welcome to the Seasonal School on Transformative Learning for Sustainability adopting a pluriversal approach co-hosted by Dr. Olivia Wohlfart and Dr. Elsa Lee and funded by the Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) and the European Educational Research Association (EERA)! Our unique theme revolves around exploring the intersections of sustainability and education. We are committed to empowering emerging researchers (Doctoral Students) and Post-Docs in their early career phase to uncover the ways their research can touch on sustainability issues and broaden their understanding of the applicability of sustainability within the field of Education. In our interdisciplinary setting, guided by a pluriversal philosophy and the theory of transformation in/by/through Education, we foster an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives on sustainability can emerge.

Season School Mission

The aim of the ‘European Educational Research Association’ (EERA) is to further high quality educational research for the benefit of education and society. High quality research not only acknowledges its own context but also recognises wider, transnational contexts with their social, cultural and political similarities and differences. To accomplish this, engagement and support for the next generation of European researchers is essential.  EERA season schools bring together early career researchers and PhD students from a number of nations to share and discuss their research and experiences with experts within their own field of research, in order to further the professional development of emerging researchers.