ECER 2024 - NW 27/31 Joint Special Call

Multilingual pedagogies supporting students' learning in all subjects NW 31 LEd – Network on Language and Education

The growing number of multilingual learners is challenging educators to reconsider traditional monolingual education. It has been argued (García et al., 2016) that all teaching should support the entire linguistic repertoires of multilingual students. Furthermore, there is substantial evidence that a strong knowledge of one’s first language supports learning both other languages and school subjects (Ganuza & Hedman, 2018; Ovando et al., 2011; Slavin & Cheung, 2005; Thomas & Collier, 1997). However, little is still known about the actual use of multilingual pedagogies in subject classrooms. With this special call, we invite researchers to submit papers related to this topic.
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