Network Activities

Activities for Young Researchers

As linguistic diversity is growing in classrooms across Europe, and as language has been identified as key to educational success, it is imperative that researchers in the field communicate and collaborate. Network 31 is an ideal forum for such communication and collaboration to take place. We especially encourage young researchers to take the opportunity to network with and gain feedback from experts and peers within our network. Following activities are underway to support young researchers:

  • encouraging young researchers to submit poster proposals as a way to showcase their research interests to others, and to become involved in the network
  • offering the assistance of experienced researchers in finding partners for organizing symposia
  • planning workshops
  • organizing meetings between the ECERs

General Activities

NW31 cooperates intensively with Next Generation Literacy Network ( Many NW31’s members joined this thematic network and actively participate in the activities organized by NGL. During the past year, NW31 cooperated with NGL by contributing to the NGL workshops for emerging researchers and by providing lectures at the Hamburg International Summer Schools 2022. At the ECER2022 in Yerevan, NGL supported the ERC workshop “Multiliteracies and Language Assessment in Linguistically Diverse Contexts” provided by NW31. The workshop provided insights into language assessment in linguistically diverse contexts across the globe. Emerging researchers from different national contexts (e.g., Armenia, Luxembourg, Iceland) participated in the workshop and shared ideas on the transformability of language measurements and data in an international context within the EERA Network on Language and Education. We thank NGL for their valuable support during the organization process, for funding the participation fees for the workshop’s presenters, and for the wonderful opportunity to strengthen the cooperation among emerging researchers from different national contexts.


In cooperation with Network 07 (Social Justice and Intercultural Education) and Network 20 (Research in Innovative Intercultural Learning Environments), we are currently developing ideas for an Edited Volume in the EERA Book Series.

Future Plans

Network 07 (Social Justice and Intercultural Education) and Network 20 (Research in Innovative Intercultural Learning Environments), we plan to publish an Edited Volume in the EERA Book Series. We are working on a joint special call devoted to Multiliteracies in Intercultural and Multilingual Education that we plan to launch at ECER2023. We would like to invite the researchers interested in this topic to submit their proposals to ECER2023. The papers submitted to this call will be considered for an Edited Volume in the EERA Book Series. Furthermore, we plan to apply for EERA funding to prepare the volume.

Another activity that we plan is a MAXQDA workshop for the network’s members at ECER2023 in Glasgow. Many researchers in our network work with qualitative data and indicate their interest in learning more about this tool.

Our Partners

Coordination Office for Multilingualism and Language Education (KoMBi) in Germany

Multilingual Childhoods SIG (MC SIG)
European Early Childhood Education Research Association

Reading Literacy and Associated Reading Interventions for High-Risk Children IRN
World Education Research Association

NW 31 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw31-subscribe(at)

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