ECER 2024 - NW 32 Special Call

Organizing in Times of Uncertainty – Research Perspectives of Organizational Education NW 32 Organizational Education

Terror, war, right-wing-extremism, climate change - Network 32 discusses uncertainty in its relevance and multiple meanings for learning and education in, by and between organizations. Uncertainty is inherent to the dynamics of multiple political, economic, and social conditions of organizing and has recently been conceptualized as a socio-cultural, ontological and epistemological core category for theorizing and doing empirical research on organization. The term of ‘uncertainty’ has famously been highlighted by John Dewey, whose seminal work is of key interest for issues of uncertainty in organizational education. Against technocrat and mechanistic ideas and patterns of organizing, Network 32 reflects on the theoretical, empirical, methodological, and ethical dimensions of uncertainty for organizational education research. In doing so, the Network calls for exploring a variety of paradigmatic claims regarding uncertainty in, for example, the discourse, strategy, dynamics, and practice of Organizational Education.
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