Network Activities

NW 32 "Organizational Education" is linked to the WERA IRG on Organizational Education. Some colleagues are part of both, of EERA NW 32 and of WERA IRG.

General Activities

Due to Corona, the network activities were limited. Nevertheless we actively cooperate with WERA and the network of organizational education and futures in organizing of WERA. For the next year, we are preparing a conference together with Discourse Net Association and will bring in educational issues into this inter- and transdisciplinary context.


We intend to build on the existing series of EERJ and are preparing a european handbook on organizational education. Moreover we plan a special issue within the EERJ journal on professionalization in organizational education, which intends to systematically involve all the networks of ECER.

Future Plans

As mentioned above, we plan to do a European handbook on organizational education. For this project we intend to apply for ECER funding. Moreover we plan to still strengthen the inter-network cooperations and joint sessions within the ECER networks we already cooperate with and might enlarge cooperations to other networks in the future.

NW 32 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join.

To join the mailing list, send a blank message to (nw32-subscribe(at)