ECER 2024 - NW 28 Special Call

Social imaginaries of the future: the making and unmaking of certainty in education
NW 28 Sociologies of Education

While over the last decades sociologies of education have been preoccupied with the study of space (scales of governance, mobilities, transnationalization, policy borrowing and lending), the study of time has not received as much attention, with some noticeable exceptions however (see e.g. Lingard & Thomposon, 2017, Vanden Broeck 2019, 2020 for example or the special issue co-editied by Decuypere, Hartong & Oudeweetering 2020). In this call, we invite papers that engage with temporalities in education by asking how dedicated social constructions of time and the future in particular relate to the making and unmaking of certainty in education and education research.
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