ECER Best Poster Awards 2014



Authors:Arto K. Ahonen (presenting); Kati Mäkitalo-Siegl; Päivi Häkkinen; Sanna Järvelä; Piia Näykki; Teemu Valtonen; Erkko Sointu

Network: NW 10. Teacher Education Research

Poster Title: PREP21
Preparing Teacher Student for 21st Century Learning Practices
Ways of Working and Thinking

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Authors:  Kendra Geeraerts (presenting); Jan Vanhoof; Piet Van den Bossche

Network: NW 01. Continuing Professional Development: Learning for Individuals, Leaders, and Organisations

Poster Title: Dead wood or untapped expertise? Intergenerational knowledge brokerage in school teams

Kendra Geeraerts is a PhD student at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). Her poster outlines a PhD trajectory about intergenerational knowledge brokerage (IKB) in school teams. IKB facilitates knowledge sharing between knowledge demands and knowledge supplies over generations. Besides describing the current processes and results of IKB, this study also explains differences in IKB. Three sets of influencing factors are distinguished: individual teacher, team, and school characteristics. A carefully designed multi method approach is used.

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Authors:Christoph Gantefort (presenting); Hans-Joachim Roth

Network: NW 31. LEd – Network on Language and Education

Poster Title: The Impact Of Language Proficiency On Academic Achievement Of German ‘Hauptschüler

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ECER Best Poster Award

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