First official response to the EuroScience Open Letter on recent developments in science in the US

The EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Office of the President Mr Jean-Claude Juncker,  has sent a <link file:608 _blank>response to the Open Letter <link file:605 _blank>"European science organisations: maintain transparency, open communication and mobility of scholars and scientists" signed by a large number of major European organisations in the area of science, research, innovation and higher education. The letter was sent to European Prime Ministers, ministers responsible for those same areas,as well as the President of the European Council and of the European Commission, and <link file:591 _blank>Commissioner Carlos Moedas for Research and Innovation to express their concern about recent developments in the US.

EERA Constitution

Please note, as EERA is organised as a German eingetragener Verein, the German version of the constitution is legally binding.