Best Paper Award 2008

Award for research on migration background in contiuning education

Katrin Kaufmann and Dr. Halit Öztürk who recently graduated from the Free University of Berlin were awarded the Best Paper Award of ECER 2008.

Their paper on  “Migration background and participation in continuing education in Germany”  especially impressed the reviewers with the strong methodological design of the study. Based on existing data of the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP) a broad spectrum of possible factors which may influence participation in continuing vocational education was examined.

Moreover, the review panel welcomed and appreciated the notion of Europe as an “immigration continent” which is going to become an “integration continent”. The question of possible factors which may influence the participation of young immigrants in continuing vocational education is relevant for all European countries. Thus, the paper reflects in the best possible way EERA’s commitment to develop the European Educational Research Space.

Short List of Recommended Papers

In addition to the winning paper of Kaufmann and Öztürk following contributions have been listed among the final nominees for the 2008 Best Paper Award:

  • Schröttner, Barbara T.: "The Value of Postcolocnial Literature for Adult Education Processes - Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children"
  • Gomes Elisabete Xavier: "Children's Educational Processes in Contemporary Cities: Preliminary Findinds and Insigths from a Case Study Developed in Lisbon"
  • Mnyanyi, Cosma: "Developing Teacher's Work for Improving Teaching and Learning of Children with Visual Impairment Accommodated in Ordinary Primary Schools"