ERC Fringe Event - Academic hospitalities with a shepherd’s hut

  • Opening times: afternoons, from 3:30 to 7:00 pm on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd August.

At the start of the conference week, ERC participants can discover a shepherd’s hut parked on the south front of the main campus (next to the flagpole), only a short walk from the ERC’s main locations.

This hut is an unusual educational venue, initially sketched out in Glasgow, then built in Germany and touring Europe since 2010 as a pop-up community hub. The space was used as an experimental methodological vehicle in a recently completed arts-based and itinerant doctoral research based at the Moray House School of Education and Sport (University of Edinburgh) and is frequently used as an outdoor ‘Conference Fringe’ for public engagement, for example at SERA (Scottish Educational Research Association) conferences. Its installation during the Emerging Researchers Conference is an experiential way to make the poster contribution “Nurturing Academic Hospitalities as Neurodivergent Welcome” by Christian H Hanser accessible in a multisensory, neurodivergence-affirming presentation design.

By bringing the hut to Glasgow, Christian invites you to take a break at the start of a packed week in order to discover the affective atmospheres beyond text in and around this small-scale educational site. Feel free to wander off towards this civic shelter and public sanctuary, which is located only a tiny detour away from the parallel sessions taking place indoors. You will be welcomed by a sensory safe space holding open a suspended temporality of relational stillness. Together with other (early career) researchers, you are invited to imagine more neurodiversity-informed networking formats for large-scale academic events.

Twitter: @aTinyDisruption

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