ECER and Accessibility

EERA/ECER welcomes everyone, regardless of disability, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, neurodiversity, ethnicity or religion. We aim to provide an accessible and inclusive conference experience for all.

Due to the fact that ECER takes place in a different city/country and at a different venue each year, you will find below specific information on the current ECER as well as more general information.

General information:
If you would like to bring a person to the conference to support you (e.g. sign language interpreter, sighted guide) please contact us to organise a free entry for this person. dow(at)

ECER 2024, Nicosia – new campus

  • Almost all areas on campus are wheelchair/mobility aid accessible and there are accessible elevators/lifts in all buildings. If you use a wheelchair, please let us know (dow(at) so we can make sure your presentation is in an appropriate room (a very few rooms are not accessible for presenters).
  • Accessible toilets are clearly marked. Details on locations soon.


  • There is tactile paving on the main path leading to the teaching areas and in front of the main library.
  • There is tactile signage in the lifts.


  • Many rooms will have microphones and speakers. We strongly encourage all presenters to use microphones if available.
  • The rooms do not have hearing loops/audio induction loops.


  • There will be a designated Quite Room. Details on location to follow.

Dietary requirements

  • There will be vegetarian, vegan, lactose free, gluten free options available


Contact Us

Please contact the EERA Office for additional questions regarding ECER and accessibility.