Registration and Payment

As a presenter at the conference, do I need to register as a participant and pay the registration fee?

Yes, you must do both. If you are registered as a user in the Conftool system, you still need to register as a participant via this user account and pay the registration fee. The registration deadline for presenters is 30 June. Only the keynote speakers invited by EERA get free access to the conference.

Do all co-authors of an accepted contribution need to register as participants?

No, only those people who actually want to attend ECER need to register as participants, no matter whether they are presenters or not. The deadline for presenters is 30 June, and submissions where no presenter is registered after that date will be withdrawn from the programme.

Is it possible to register for only one or two days of the conference?

No, we do not offer day tickets, you have to register and pay for the whole conference. 

If I register before the end of the Early Bird registration but pay afterwards, does the fee change to standard fee?

Early Bird fee depends on the time of registration, not on the time of payment. That means that the fee stated on your invoice will stay the same even if your payment is done after the Early Bird deadline.

Is Low GDP reduction allocated according to country of origin or country of residence?

Qualification for the Low GDP country reduction is dependent on the country you stated in the address in the user account, i.e. your country of residence, and not on your country of origin.

What payment options do you offer?

This year we offer four different payment options:

  • Credit Card Payment (Visa and Mastercard)
  • KLARNA Pay Now Banking (SOFORT Überweisung) is a secure online payment service that allows you to use your own online banking to pay directly and immediately from your bank account.
    You need to have a bank account with online banking enabled to use this service.
    Only bank accounts from the following countries are supported: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain
  • PayPal
    Use the secure PayPal gateway to pay from your PayPal account.
  • Bank Transfer.

How can I add a purchase order number or a VAT number to the invoice?

In the participant registration form, you can enter such a number in the field Reference.

Does the EERA Office send out the invoice?

No, we don't send out invoices by snail mail or email. You have access to an automatically generated invoice via your user account. So please forward this invoice to the person who will make the payment.

Do you have a VAT number?

As a charity in Germany, we do not have a VAT number, but rather a Tax number. This is listed on the invoice and receipt.

Will I be reimbursed if I am unable to attend the conference?

In case you need to cancel your registration, you will get 80 % of your fees refunded if you cancel up to 1 month prior to the conference. If you cancel later than one month before conference begin, your fee will not be refunded.

Please see also our Terms of Registration.

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