Annual Report 2006, Geneva

Participants at the 2006 ECER Conference in Geneva focused their attention on the conference theme of “Transforming Knowledge” and on the network theme of CPD for leaders and teachers in schools.  Network 1 received many proposals this year and was able to accept a poster presentation, a roundtable presentation, and 32 individual presentations. 

The presentations clustered within the following broad themes:

  • Organisational Influences: Decentralisation/Recentralisation
  • Understanding Teachers’ Learning
  • Organisation and School Development
  • Development of Educators and Trainers
  • Working Together in Schools
  • Teacher Beliefs, Attitudes, & Behaviours
  • Influence of Language and Mindmaps on Teacher Learning
  • CPD for Experienced Teachers; Learning Together
  • CPD: Broadening, Narrowing, or Maintaining the Status Quo?
  • Teachers’ Knowledge and Pedagogy.

Network 1 also accepted two symposia.  The first, entitled “Paradigms of Teaching and Knowledge Construction in Teachers’ Professional Development,” was organised by Rosie Turner-Bisset.  Maureen Killeavy served as chair and discussant for the symposium.  The second symposium, investigated the question: “How is Knowledge Represented—and Transformed—at the Level of School Organizations?”  This symposium was organised at the local level by Monica Gather-Thurler.  Each symposium was well attended and sparked enthusiastic discussion and audience interest.

During the business meeting of Network 1, attendees discussed the review process of proposals.  It was decided that Ene-Silvia Sarv (Estonia) would help screen 2007 abstracts to better ensure that proposals to be reviewed include only those that fall within the theme for Network 1.  Attendees also discussed possibilities for roundtable presentations and symposia for 2007. 

Finally, participants reviewed how Network 1 has been strengthened during the last four years: 

  • a core group of annual attendees has significantly strengthened the network
  • the network has built up a solid group of attendees willing to chair sessions
  • presentations are increasingly cohering around sub-themes within the network theme of CPD for leaders and teachers within schools
  • the network theme is expanding in recognition that leaders and teachers implement new practices and ideas within the environment of the school and the broader organization (school system).  During the last two conferences, several sessions have addressed the schools and organizational context and influence in relationship to practitioners’ learning and work.

Network 1 looks forward to offering a programme at the University of Ghent ( from September 19-22, 2007.  When you submit a proposal, please be sure to designate Network 1 on the submission form.  The convenors of Network 1 thank all session participants and chairs for helping to make the 2006 Network 1 programme a success and we look forward to seeing you again in 2007.

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