Annual Report 2007, Ghent

Annual Report 2007, Ghent

At ECER 2007 in Ghent, Network 1 offered a symposium, papers, a roundtable, and a poster with presenters from Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, New Zealand, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. The double-session symposium (organized by Jon Nichol) focused on the induction years of newly qualified teachers and comprised a systematic synthesis of the literature, induction for teacher educators, induction supportive of school teachers' needs, and the impact of induction on newly qualified teachers in England. Network 1 applauds the symposium participants' contributions to this important international discussion.

Besides the symposium, a roundtable discussion, and a paper session on induction, Network 1 themes in 2007 also included
models and specific forms of continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers,
developing leadership,
leading school change,
effects of change and school climate on leaders', teachers', and students' learning,
self-reporting and self-evaluation as CPD and
teacher research as CPD.

Looking ahead to 2008 in Goteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden, Network 1 is interested in:

  • supporting the Pre-Conference by encouraging doctoral students to attend and to submit presentation proposal
  • encouraging the submission of another symposium (see guidelines for symposia provided by both Network 1 and EERA)
  • organizing an inter-network session
  • seeing many past presenters and participants. 

Two business meeting items are noteworthy: 

1. The Secretariat regrets the inadvertent omission of Karin Ronnerman's name as a long-time Co-Convenor of Network 1. In addition to Karin Ronnerman, Maureen Killeavy, and Vivienne Collinson, Ene-Silvia Sarv (Estonia) has agreed to serve as Co-Convenor for Network 1.

2. Cancellations, especially cancellations at the last minute, increased sevenfold over previous years for Network 1. Our network was by no means the only one affected by cancellations and the issue of what to do about cancellations was discussed at both the Network 1 Business Meeting and the Convenors' meetings.

The Convenors of Network 1 thank all session participants and chairs, and especially all new attendees, for helping to make the 2007 Network 1 programme a success and we look forward to seeing you again in 2008 in Sweden.


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