Annual Report 2009, Vienna

Annual Report 2009, Vienna

In 2009, Network 1received the highest number of proposals ever submitted.  The convenors—Maureen Killeavy, Vivienne Collinson, and Ene-Silvia Sarv—thank the 2009 reviewers for their willingness to invest time and thoughtful effort in order to provide feedback to submitters and determine a viable programme for the Vienna conference given the available number of rooms.  Presentations included 3 poster sessions, 1 workshop, 23 paper sessions, and 4 symposia: three for Network 1 and one joint symposium among Networks 1, 10, and 27.  

Participants came from a record number of countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the USA.  Despite difficult global economic circumstances, we had the fewest withdrawals in many years.

Presentations in 2009 clustered around the following themes (not in any particular order):

  • CPD models, theories, programme evaluations, reforms
  • school and organisational learning
  • induction
  • development of teacher identity (critical incidents, values and beliefs, knowledge, emotions)
  • communication (giving and receiving feedback, parent-teacher communications, conflicts/dialogue, lack of opportunities for teachers to talk together to learn dialogic and listening skills)
  • learning about self and others
  • collaboration (skills, language/vocabulary to analyze and articulate actions and reasoning)

Network 1’s convenors thank all presenters and participants, especially the many session chairs required this year.  All contributions to making the programme a success are very much appreciated.

Network 1 was represented at the convenors’ meetings held on Sunday, September 27 (Maureen Killeavy, Vivienne Collinson) and Wednesday, September 30 (Maureen Killeavy, Vivienne Collinson, Ene-Silvia Sarv).  Additionally, Maureen Killeavy had attended the June, 2009 convenors’ meeting in Berlin and will likely represent Network 1 again in Helsinki in January, 2010.  The EERA office raised several issues regarding symposia, notably the lack of adherence to EERA guidelines regarding three different countries and the significant increase of symposia creating scheduling problems across networks.  Maureen suggested that a definition of “country” would be helpful.

At the final convenors’ meeting, Vivienne Collinson noted that the number of rooms basically dictates how many papers a network can accept and that convenors need to know the number of rooms prior to accepting submissions.  She also noted that particularly because of airline luggage fees, participants have difficulty adhering to the guideline requesting that participants bring hard copies for audiences.

The network looks forward to offering a programme at the University of Helsinki August 25-27, 2010.  Please note the earlier 2010 submission deadline posted on the EERA web site.  When you submit a proposal, please also be sure to designate Network 1 on the submission form.

Business Meeting Report, Vienna 2009

The annual business meeting for Network 1 was held on September 29, 2009 in Vienna.  The meeting opened with the introduction of the three network convenors—Maureen Killeavy, Vivienne Collinson, and Ene-Silvia Sarv—and warm expressions of thanks to all 2009 reviewers (Heinz-Gunther Holtappels, Michel Grangeat, Sara Bubb) , session chairs, and participants.

Announcements included a reminder that the next ECER would be held in Helsinki, Finland with the Main Conference taking place on August 25-27, 2010.  Because the 2010 conference is early (in August instead of in September), participants were reminded that the January 15, 2010 submission deadline for proposals is also be earlier than usual and that the Council intends to adhere to the posted deadline with no extension.  The May 1, 2010 cut-off for Early-Bird registration will be early as well.

Regarding the review process for 2010, persons interested in serving as reviewers of proposals for Helsinki should have CPD publications and have attended Network 1 at least twice.  Those interested were asked to contact Vivienne Collinson ( as soon as possible.

Network 1 has been working to build a Listserv.  One of the difficulties has been that only the emails of first authors appear on proposal submissions, so clearly some people who have presented and did not sign the email sheets in Ghent and Gothenburg may be missed.  Anyone who has presented or attended Network 1 but not as a first author should contact Maureen Killeavy ( to add their email address to the Listserv.

Maureen explained that Network 1 would like to submit a proposal to the Council requesting funding to set up the Listserv and possibly a Network 1 web page linked to the EERA home page.  Participants at the business meeting were asked what kinds of information could be most useful to them on a potential Network 1 web site.  Suggestions included a private social network and participants’ publication updates so others in Network 1 could find and cite each other’s research or, in becoming familiar with peers’ research agendas, organise a symposium for the network.  Sarah Fletcher generously offered her assistance to the network.

Maureen also mentioned that the network has begun working on a proposal to organise a seminar for future researchers.  In the brief discussion that followed, attendees appeared receptive to the idea.

Attendees also discussed the difficulty of having 4 papers per session.  Since 2003 when the same issue was discussed in Hamburg, Network 1 was able to maintain 3 papers per session, leaving time for questions or discussion after each paper.  However, given the high number of proposal submissions and a limitation on rooms for parallel sessions, the 2009 programme became an anomaly with 4 papers per session.  There was agreement that 4 papers is unsatisfactory and that the network should go back to 3 papers per session as before.

Christopher Day (University of Nottingham) suggested that the network try to streamline its current title and suggested “professional learning.”  Tony Rea (University of Winchester) added that the current phrase, “in school systems,” while it may reflect the main focus of presenters, does not reflect the many professionals who provide or engage in CPD outside school systems.  The convenors will re-visit the network’s title and description which will represent the fourth change since 2002, reflecting the rapid changes this past decade within the field of CPD.

Minutes submitted by Vivienne Collinson.  Additions or omissions should be addressed to

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