Annual Report 2011, Berlin

Annual Report 2011, Berlin

In 2011, Network 1 offered 24 sessions that included 55 paper presentations, 4 symposia, and 4 posters within the newly expanded programme of 14 sessions (Tuesday noon through Friday).  Network 1 presenters came from 23 European countries as well as from Australia, Canada, Japan, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, and the USA.

Session themes for 2011 included induction and mentoring, learning to lead, leadership development, CPD for experienced professionals, contexts that support or hinder CPD, contexts that require CPD (e.g., multilingualism, diversity), school and organisational development and sustainability, teacher assessment, epistemic beliefs, ecologies of practices, action research, the role of feedback, and CPD in alternate professions.

ECER 2012 will take place in Cadiz, Spain.  Submission deadline for proposals will be February 1, 2012.  Contributors of proposals are reminded that proposals may be scheduled on any day of the conference.

2011 Network Meeting

Maureen Killeavy chaired the annual network meeting with 25 people in attendance.  Marie Clarke sent her regrets due to illness.  After participants were reminded that the 2010 annual report has been available online, Vivienne Collinson honoured Viive-Riina Ruus who is a long-standing member of Network 1 and who presented papers at several ECER conferences.  In 2011, Viive-Riine received the White Cross, the highest civilian award from the President of Estonia, for her outstanding contributions to education in Estonia.

Maureen reminded contributors to read network descriptors and keywords carefully when selecting first and second choices of networks during the submission process.  A large number of 2011 proposals submitted to Network 1 had to be redirected to other networks because the area of research reported was not relevant to Network.1.  We also received a number of redirected submissions from other networks in cases where authors indicated Network 1 as their second choice.  Many of these submissions were not suitable for either the first or second choice of network and were rejected on this basis.

Maureen thanked Ene-Silvia Sarv for the organisation of the 2011 programme schedule and the time-consuming re-organisation of sessions resulting from a higher than usual number of schedule conflicts, requested changes, and withdrawals prior to the conference.  Vivienne thanked all session chairs and expressed particular gratitude to the reviewers for 2011: Sara Bubb, Marie Clarke, Michel Grangeat, Heinz Günter Holtappels, Anne Moloney, and Elizabeth O’Gorman.

When Maureen raised the item of developing research activities and cooperative ventures with related networks, an email list was generated and Cheryl Williams volunteered to set up a Face Book page to help promote discussions of joint work or symposia within Network 1 and to stimulate ideas for inter-network possibilities.

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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