Annual Report 2010, Helsinki

Annual Report 2010, Helsinki

This year, Network 10 had a total of 144 submissions (papers, posters, roundtables, workshop and symposia), resulting in 18 rejections (12.5% rate), 14 redirections and 112 accepted proposals. This allowed for a diversified programme with 97 papers, four symposia, one workshop and three posters in a total of 38 sessions (33 paper sessions, one workshop and four symposia) across the eleven sessions. We had a decrease in the submissions but kept the number of presentations close to last years' (2008: eight symposia, 83 individual papers, 2009: eight symposia, 95 individual papers).

We had fewer ‘no shows this year, only three, although this is still regarded as affecting the quality of the sessions and the overall experience of the conference. There were changes in the programme very close to the conference, which led to some delegates looking for sessions that no longer existed on the on-line program.   

Following a call for papers around the theme „impact of exchange programs“, there was anopportunity to discuss it in a joint symposium with networks 7 and 22. From the Colloquium Quality Assurance and Teacher Education in Europe: Challenges and Expectations, organized in collaboration with TEPE in June 2010, resulted in a workshop organized with network 27. We also had symposia presenting international research projects which were very relevant to the network.

The session attendance was mainly around 15 to 20 people, with up to eight sessions reporting lower than that. We also had five sessions with over 35. The last day of the conference had the lowest attendance. In general the size of sessions allowed for very good discussions and dialogue about the papers.

Once again the papers were grouped by the network's sub-themes. The list was updated and will be further revised by the convenors. The sessions per sub-theme were as follows (symposia were not classified in sub-themes):

  • Research on Programmes and Pedagogical Approaches in Teacher Education – 14 sessions
  • Research on Values, Beliefs and Understandings in Teacher Education – 7 sessions
  • Research on Professional Knowledge and Identity in Teacher Education – 5 sessions
  • Research on Teacher Induction and Early Career Teachers – 3 sessions
  • Research  in Teacher Education: Cultures and Methodologies – 2 sessions
  • Research on Teacher Educators – 2 sessions

The themes of teacher educator identity  and the development of research cultures continue to be of interest. The question of the status of researchers in teacher education as insiders and /or outsiders emerged during the pre-conference and was a recurring topic in discussions, as was the question of teacher/teaching standards and their consequences. Reflection and professional knowledge were also the basis for good discussions in some sessions.

The business meeting was attended by over 50 members which was a very pleasing turnout and allowed a great discussion of the questions presented by the convenors (NW 10 structure, summer school, joint symposia). Many people voluntereed to help with network work, both by reviewing, mentoring for ERG or other tasks. We now have ten countries represented in the convenors group.  The network dinner was a big success! A group of around 50 network members gathered in a well-known Helsinki venue for reindeer-based cuisine and local beverages. Next year we will pre-book for the dinner as we were oversubscribed.

Network 10 considers ECER 2010 a success.

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