Network Activities

General Activities

We are currently looking for a new convenor who will act as a bridge to the Emerging Researcher group and who is still in the PhD phase and interested in the work behind the conference organisation. We have sent an enquiry to the network and will soon be evaluating the interested parties. So far, we have had several inquiries about this role.

Anna is a trustee and executive member of the Scottish Education Research Association (SERA), where she is in the process of stepping down from the role of co-convenor of the Early Career Research Network. SERA has a number of different networks, including a Teacher Education Research Network, of which Anna is a member. Anna is currently exploring ideas around the development of a network activity that brings together our network with one or two of the SERA networks (e.g., Early Career Researcher Network and the Teacher Education Research Network). This could be an online workshop, a joint project or a workshop or symposium for ECER 2024.


We discussed a special issue that builds on this year's special call: ‘Evidence Relations in Teacher Education‘ and plan to progress that towards the end of this year. Our first step will be to contact the authors who submitted to our special call, and then open it up to the wider network if required.

We discussed additional ideas such as linking teacher education research and Actor-Network Theory and the possibility of developing a special call or symposia based on the application of ANT in teacher education research.

We also presented two book projects from other networks during the NW meeting, as these were not specific to any NW, but were thematically cross-cutting (Re-Membering Education and Organisational Pedagogy).

Future Plans

We will continue to discuss the idea of Actor Network Theory as a theory and method for teacher education research. We have considered using the concept of 'crisis' as a current and relevant transnational diagnosis of the present as a way of connecting across national spaces, and we are beginning to think of different activities that we can pursue to take this idea forward, although our discussions are at an early stage.

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