Annual Report 2015, Budapest

Annual Report 2015, Budapest

The first morning sessions were not very well attended although attendance did pick up during the day.  

The timings of the sessions worked well and in the main the network had 2 papers per session with approx 20-25 mins presentation and a 5 minute discussion time available for every paper.

The chairs completed their roles with professionalism and reported that the discussion of the papers was at an appropriate level and the audiences engaged.

There were a total of 79 presentations for network 11 with 24 sessions with attendance rates of approx 10-14 per session, whilst many attendees were European there were also international attendees at the network.   

The thematic focus of presentations was varied and the full list of network foci is shown below:

  1. Higher Education Students Engagement, Feedback and Reflection: Quality Assurance in Higher Education
  2. Factors Impacting on the Quality of Education: Higher Education Students
  3. School Based Factors Impacting on the Quality of Education
  4. Entrepreneurial Educaion
  5. Factors Impacting on the Quality of EducationTeacher`s and Students Attitudes and Views towards Programmes and Didactic Materials
  6. External and Internal Evaluation of Educational Effectiveness 
  7. Educational Improvement: School Level
  8. Self Evaluation within Higher Education Establishments
  9. Educational Improvement: National Level
  10. Teachers’ Working Practices and Reform
  11. Teacher Leadership and Democratic Society
  12. Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of Quality of Education
  13. Employing Research and Evaluation Data to Improve EducationAdults’ Training and Promotion of Values for Integrated Societies  
  14. Functions, Use and Effect of Evaluation to Improve the Quality of Education

There were a few presentations that relied upon powerpoint slides full of text read verbatim by the presenter and this may be for numerous reasons such as a lack of confidence in English,  but it would be useful  for EERA presentation guidelines to suggest that presenters do not do this.  

As a new network convenor during this session network 11 managed to complete its plans for this year as and have designed and agreed on a new website for the network.  Have implemented a slide share facility for the conference which was evaluated and will run again in 2016, a network 11 gmail facility was also implemented as was a network 11 newsletter to allow all convenors to make links and be involved in the lfe of the network.   Many co-convenors are invovled in joint research projects focusing on various relevant network research areas and this is welcomed and promoted by the network.

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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EERA has published ECER statistics for each network since 2018.
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