Annual Report 2006, Geneva

The main event in the network during ECER in Geneva was a symposium: The information bases supporting knowledge transformation: the representation of educational research through national information services in: Denmark, Hungary, Spain, England, France, Germany and Italy. The symposium presented a wealth of services and new developments in databases and information systems, research observatories, and clearinghouses. The presentation of these mainly nationally produced services in our mutual European space made us realise the prospects and challenges of making accessible the national information on the European scene and the European information on the national scene.

In the Networks workshop in Geneva, "What happened to PERINE", a review of the experience gained was presented and discussed as well as the prospects of the future. In addition to the 8 original partners we could welcome France (INRP) and Spain (REDINED) in the group. Findings ways of keeping the PERINE alive not as a project but as a network with more and new partners than the original ones were discussed. The PERINE webpage could with some changes be developed into the homepage of network 12.

The networks ordinary paper-session in Geneva took up the following themes: How to make the national educational research international. Bibliometric approaches for better visibility and measurability of educational research. The distribution of educational research in different kinds of journals (national language/English; online/printed)

During ECER in Geneva the Network had its annual meeting. In the meeting we decided to write together an article based on the presentations from the symposium mentioned above. The article will be published (we hope) in EERJ. The article is intended to present an overview of European educational information with trends, perspectives and new visions followed by brief reports on the relevant available national services.

For the coming year it was also decided that we should work harder to increase the number of papers for the network in Ghent. The main theme of the Ghent Conference will be contested qualities of educational research. Quality assurance is a vital (and contested) aspect of the whole process of managing the information systems for educational research. So there should be good prospects for papers.

Each network holds a Network Meeting during ECER and invites interested researchers to join. We have collected the network meeting minutes.
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